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    “Actions speak louder than words.”


    Shortly, just look at what we have done so far.

Shopping Mall Services

Are you one of those who prefer all in one package?

 Mall&Street blends it expertise and strategies that make a difference for your shopping mall project which is one of the smartest investments of our time, and stays right beside you in every step of the way, whenever you need.

  • Research activities in shopping malls, suitable streets and cities.
  • Financial feasibility reporting.
  • Architectural concept design.
  • Reporting of brand mixtures in terms of income distribution.
  • Rental processes.
  • Contract process management.
  • Shopping Mall management processes.

Initiatives that find their rightful place.

If it is time to expand your business or to start new businesses, you just need to describe the venue you have imagined.

Be it a new venue or a transfer of an old venue; with the help of smart solutions provided by Mall&Street, we find places suitable for your business and location, and carry out all the processes on your behalf until the rental contract is signed.

  • Presentation and promotion for the current and newly opened shopping malls.
  • Rent feasibility reporting.
  • Location selection.
  • Interviews with shopping malls and rental processes.
  • Contracting process management.
  • Maintaining negotiations with shopping malls.
  • Venue transfer processes.



Be the glowing ring in the chain.

When you want to be the owner of your own business by joining a chain brand, you know that you will find the right address with the partnership of Mall&Street.

Mall&Street conducts all the research and analysis that you will need throughout the establishment of your business, meticulously, maintains the suitability of the systematic infrastructure elements and keeps track of all the related procedures.

  • Carrying out of the activities and monitoring of procedures.
  • Market research
  • Location selection
Basic Brand Strategies

What's better than a good brand is a perfect brand.

You can enjoy the road to perfection by leaving your brand planning, development and management strategies to the multi-sectoral experience and expert operational force of Mall&Street.

  • Corporate identity works.
  • Retail Human Resources Management.
  • Architectural Concept works.
  • Category management.
  • Product budgeting and planning.
  • Product purchasing / budgeting.
  • Ensuring the development of current stores.
  • Sales and marketing management.
  • Merchandising operations.
  • Investing and expansion management.
  • Foreign fund interests and mergers.